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they are non shallant about their customers, they could care less if the customers are satisfied or not.. even the manager gives stink eyes to the customer i work right across from them, i am a manager my self and i see the way they treat customers its not appropriate nor would it make a customer want to return.

im not sure if this is how auntie anne runs their company, but it sure isnt how its supposed to be run with: bad attitudes, no smiles, mean looks. they look like they dont enjoy the oportunity that auntie anne has given them!!

sincerly location manager at the stonewood mall in downey

Product or Service Mentioned: Auntie Annes Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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I know this is an old comment but regardless. Speaking from experience the reason they give you a stink eye is because they believe your rude when you go.

Most mall employees I deal with think there special because they work in the mall and get upset if we treat them lesser.

One once called me an *** because I forgot to give them a mall discount . When days are really busy some try to go to the side to avoid the line while Im rolling and give me money saying ( I only need a pop or I just need a salted pretzel) and get mad if I tell them they have to wait or worse they kick the gate when I tell them I cant give em water because were closed......Anyways maybe they give you the stink eye because you deserve it , and maybe there not rude to everyone just rude back to rude people.


It is funny how someone calls people who are obviously adults "girls". What is even more funny is the person calling them girls spells like she is still in the fourth grade. How can someone with such terrible spelling and grammar get a position in management?


Seems you are more concerned about the place across from you than your own store. I wonder if your store has closed down since you wrote this in 2010.


Get a life, stop complaining and worry about YOUR management ;)


Get a life. Stop complaining.

Do your management. ;)


What exactly is "non shallant"??? :x :?