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I don't know how big this company is, but for those of you who don't know what it is, it's just a little pretzel company.

Every once in a while I go here to get a plain, unsalted pretzel. They're like three dollars. Not a lot of money, but realistically, it's a lot for what it is. At least, enough to be able to get good service.

I've never really had trouble here, but the other day when I went to get a pretzel at the mall, it was simply the dumbest visit I've ever had to any little shop.

I walk up and order the original unsalted pretzel. Now how hard can it possibly be to just pull out one of those and stick it in a bag and ring it up? Looked like he did it right. Except for the large lemonade the boy charged me for. He looked like he just woke up from a nap. Probably the most unprofessional, least customer satisfying employee I'd ever seen.

I look in the bag, and you know? Salt is pretty big and shiny in chunks. So easy to see. But I guess he didn't notice that either. So I gave it back and finally got what I ordered, for the price it actually is.

And when I pulled this pretzel out of the bag, it was the most burnt up, crispy black pretzel I'd ever seen. Shriveled and charred. I could barely find pieces to pick at to get a little pretzel. I was just pissed.

I walked back up and asked where I could complain about my visit, and he suggests I write a complaint card. What complaint card? There was no cards or even a box or a pen lying around anywhere I could see! What a ***! I'll make my own pretzels from now on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Auntie Annes Pretzel.

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You should have just asked for a new one or very nicely said this one is burned can I get a new one and gave em the burned one so they know you werent lieing. Sure you could go ahead and make your own and after you realize its not as easy as you thought go back and just be clearly say " can get get a PLAIN Pretzel" not a regular ,just , or original pretzel because those can refer to plain or salted one.


An hour is too long! Read your training manuals...


I work at Auntie Annes and any employee at our store that acted like that would simply be fired. We get compliments all the time about our "hospitality" i guess you could say.

and any pretzels that are burnt or crispy simply go in the garbage.

Along with being up to an hour old, they also get trashed. Im sorry about your experience, gives our store a bad name :(