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I went to the mall today and my child was hungry so when we passed Auntie Anne's, I ordered her cinnamon sticks.She was also thirsy so for $4.99, I ordered the number 2 combo that included both.When she sat down to eat her pretzel sticks, they were hard and stale. The soda was almost completly full of ice.

After about 5 minutes,I went up to ask for a free refill and they said it would cost me another 75 cents.I couldn't believe it since all the other food places in the mall offer free refills.I also noticed that if I would of just purchased the cinnamon sticks without the soda that they would of cost $2.79. So they charged me over two dollars for a small soda filled with ice,and no free refill.If I would of purchased them seperately,it would of been cheaper.Although I am aware that they pay a large amount of money to rent the space in the mall, I don't feel that they should charge that much for what I bought just because I ordered the combo and should offer a free refill to its customers like everyother food place in the mall.

They advertise that their pretzels are fresh,but these pretzel sticks were anything but.

Product or Service Mentioned: Auntie Annes Pretzel.

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Here we go again the registered nurse who abuses her child and makes 80k a year complaining about a few cents.


You should have went back to ask for a fresh pretzel and told them your pretzel was hard pretzel freshness is guranteed and if you wern't satisfied something should have been done about it.


If they were hard and stale why did you not return with them and let them know. If you had done that instead of finishing them they would have replaced them and took back the ones you didnt like that way they know your not lying.

The combo comes with a medium as a default so im guessing you asked for a small if thats what you got.Yeah we dont give refills and im sure not every store at he mall does.

I know the dairy queens or orange Julies dont either. You should have looked at the menu they have posted before you decide to get in line to pay for the combo then going back and complaining you paid to much


I work for auntie anne's, and i can assure you that we are not ripoff's. the combo comes with a dip, pretzel, and a small drink.

the price includes this. it depends what you got to drink and what size, and what dip you got. if you did not get a dip, they would not charge you for the combo.

Yes we do not give free refills and the only refills we give out is large sodas. sorry about this.


Keyara Peters,

This person claims to be better than everyone else. She has tons of letters demanding free food and gift cards to department stores


At the Auntie Annes in morgantown, wv. Our customers love us, we throw all pretzels out of the warmer after being in there anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

An FYI the combo comes with stix, a dipping sauce, and a medium drink. the dipping sauce is 84 cents, so dont act like you got "ripped off" because your accusations are false.


:cry 8)


auntie ann's pretzels is a ripoff, hey thats wat other people say :x :? :p


:cry boo hoo nobody cares. you should have looked at the prices more carefully before making a complete order, and soda and sugar things like cinnamon and sugar rot kids teeth as well as makes them fat and hyper you should have got a simple bottle of water from home and carry little snacks in your purse! :zzz


Brett I am not 11, I am ten. I did not fail grade six because I am only in grade four and going in grade five in summer.



I am not the same as worker at Auntie Anne's. Why don't you just get a job instead of making false accusations.

On wait, no one will hire you because you spell like a sixth grader.

They don't hire 11 year olds. Stop posing as an adult and admit that you are eleven years old ***.


Worker at Auntie Anne's

Not long ago,you were a kid. How would you like it if you were really thirsty and someone filled your soda up with all ice and then refused to refill it.?

This is injustice. Maybe when you grow up and have a kid of your own, take them to the mall, and spend your hard earned money on a soda,pretzel or some other food item and then have some young punk working there rip you off by filling up your kid's soda with ice or something similar after a tough day at work, then maybe you will realize the value of a dollar and learn to respect your customers instead of acusing them of cheating the system just because they want a cup full of soda that they paid for and not a cup full of ice.


complain did not say that part about jim being auntie anne's father it was brett pretending to be her. I know because compain does not sware in the forums and complain does not call people names like retard, Brett is pretending to be complain and brett is really worker at auntie anne's. i was wrong about brett being worker's boyfriend brett worker at auntie annes is brett's side account.


dude... this forum is getting crazy!

i read all of them... and i don't think the last few comments are really from worker. it could be from someone else. if you read it...

it's like two different attitudes and tones. you can't trust everything you read, especially on the internet! before the last few comments i think worker was just sticking up for her job. i'm 21 and i used to work at nestle tollhouse when i was 15 and it is frustrating when people complain about things you can't control.

complain did seem rude at first but since she claims that the comment to jimatauntieannes wasn't really her, i take back my judgement. sorry complain that i misjugded you, but i thought that was really from you, since you didn't point it out before. as for worker and complain's arguements with eachother, i think you guys should just let it go. you shouldn't bicker and tease eachother over something like this.

complain is an adult, and worker might be a teenager but both should learn to show some more respect and kindness. and also, it's far impossible to say that jim is worker's father and brett if his boyfriend etc.

that's just nonsense. you should know better than that.


to worker at auntie anne's

Learned my lesson at what? Maybe not spending my money at places that rip customers off and hire ***-offs like yourself

you called yourself retard, so I guess you are.

maybe that is why you love making a living selling pretzels and cheating customers.

what is going on with you and JimatAuntieAnnes? Why do you stick up for him so much? Is he your daddy?


Auntie Anne's worker I think you are Brett.


Richard, you're boring me.

I don't know why everyone keeps joining the forum when it's definitely over. Maybe she learned her lesson for next time! :)


No wonder Brett is sticking up for you. You guys love each other and you talk to him on the cell phone when you should be working.


I follow the rules of my company and that's why I don't get paid minimum wage. My job is sooo easy it's not even funny. That's why I work there. And yes, I'm a guy, retard. I'm very much a ***.

Guys are allowed to work at Auntie Anne's, just because you haven't seen any doesn't mean there aren't.

Yup, I love filling cups of ice, it's my dream! Psh, get real.


Now Brett is writing comments under my name. I did not write the last post. Complain265, you are correct, he is a troubled teen that is trying to get attention.