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Me and my boyfriend waited 10 minuets to try the new cheese stuffed pretzels . But as soon as we get it, half it has NO cheese in the middle.

So we got a regular pretzel. But then, she said it's going to take couple mins cause it's still cooking. So again, we waited. The pretzel that she gave us was burnt.

I end up giving it to the duck that's been following me. Not to mention she forgot to give me my light cream cheese after I paid for it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Auntie Annes Pretzel.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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"My boyfriend and I." Your review would have more validity if you were more than semi-literate.


So these kids show up at my Auntie Anne location and they are completely and utterly rude. I told them if they wanted different pretzel bites it would take a few minutes.

Her boyfriend preceded to jump on top of the counter saying "Don't worry I'll make them. I can do it! I'll make a ton so you don't have to worry about them at all today." He tried kicking employees out of the way and then tried to jump off into our cook station. Luckily one of our male employees is a big guy so he quickly backed down.

She rudely said after the incident "Just give me a regular pretzel" I said this also would take some time and she scoffed at me. So I gave her a burnt pretzel and called security after they left.

Eat it you little punks!




*** spoiled little brats.. Glad to hear what actually happened.


Are you guys blind there is cheese in the middle. Get glasses.

You are too young to be having a boyfriend anyway. The Pretzels are NOT burned.


Do you have a boyfriend Kevin? Is that how you know the proper age to have one?