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I was enjoying my self at the mall and decided to get some Auntie Annie's. The wait was of course long, but I was hungry so I waited anyway.

Once the lady asked me my order she said it would take 8 minutes.Please, keep in mind she said 8 minutes. Not 15. Not 20. Not 30.

8 minutes. So I stepped to the side and waited quietly. I noticed there was a long line of people behind me, also who were told they had to wait 8 minutes, but have been in line for 20!It was pretty busy today and only were two workers. One of them were at the cashier and the other was making prezals.Another 8 minutes pass and I still didn't get my pretzel and the line behind me is longer!

More and more people were in line for there order, which we were all not to happy about.20 minutes pass, and I still don't have my damn pretzel. I watch the lady making them and you would expect her, on such a busy day to, hurry or at least go a bit faster. But she was taking her sweet time. Finally she calls out people's orders, but doesnt call out mine.

I ask her about it and she said," oh yeah I am about to make your order now!"I'm so damn pissed. Now you want to make my order? After thirty *** minutes?

She gives me my order it's not even what i *** ordered.i ordered the WHOLE pretzel, not the nuggets. I ordered sour cream and onion, this how much they *** pu Wtf t:

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You're another sad and bad case of an entitled customer. It's sounds like all you're doing is lying and fabricating.

Customers like you are always causing a scene. I am hoping that customers like you are banned for life.

@Anonymous Store Supervisor 2019

Agreed with you and what you're talking about. Any employee or manager that has to deal with any entitled customers deserve to be rewarded for dealing with any customer acting like this!


Stop swearing. This is a family friendly website.

Auntie Anne's is the worst chain of any sort I've ever seen (except S'barro, the very worst) in numerous cities. Haven't stopped at one in years but it doesn't sound like It has gotten any better.


Stop telling others what do. You're not the boss of others too tell others what to do, so stop acting like you're anybody special or important.

You're nobody to give others advice. You're an child.


Does it look like anybody cares about you or what you have to say? No, they don't.


Maybe you need to put yourself into someone's shoes and see how they are being treated. People are mad and angry about the way they are being and getting treated.

Everybody needs to respect everybody if they are an customer, employee or manager.

And they have the right too vent and steam out about it and complain about it. Seriously you're sounding like an cry-baby.