Palm Coast, Florida
Not resolved

RUde cashiers. Called me childish.

And refused to tell me their names. They were not wearing name tags. Was in the University Mall in Tampa, Fl. They were not nice at all.

I asked them their name. I was told that she did not have to give me her name because that was her personal information. I asked her 4 times for her name.

She kept being rude and never gave her name. She refused to give me fresh hot dog bites

Product or Service Mentioned: Auntie Annes Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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To: The Reviewer: It sounds there more to the story, than you're stating that there is. Let's face it, customers like you are always going to be called out and confronted for your b.s. review.


sounds like you're lying and fabricating. Sounds like you're trying too start something with the employees and managers.

There is more to this story than you're saying there is. Customers like you are always going to do something too the employees and too the managers to make them not want to serve you.


Agreed. It's so bad and sad to see these 'entitled customers' always lying and fabricating about the most sweetest and nicest employees and managers.