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The hermitage location is very poor. Every time I have gone there, they were out of everything.

They only seem to make them per order. Who has time to wait 15 minutes for a pretzel plus waiting in line? The staff is very rude. The one staff member commented, "I can not help it someone bought the last pretzel 15 minutes ago." I wanted to say that they could have had more made by then bud did not say anything.

The other day, I noticed that the girl making the pretzels was on the phone talking and only had one glove on. The counters had beverage stains all over them.

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Truth is Auntie Ann's is not fast food. On slow days it takes about 8 minutes to make just original pretzels maybe 7 for pepperoni and specialties and at most 12 for pretzel dogs mini dogs or the nuggets.

On busy days it does take 15 minutes to make original pretzels and anywhere between 15 to 25 minutes for everything else. The reason for this is because they make a lot more at a time on busy days so it takes longer. More time gets added on too if something is selling out quicker then the other . So lets say pepperoni pretzels are selling faster then original and there were 6 pepperonis left and 4 originals left they would most likely start rolling the pepperonis first and by the time there done the originals might have sold out.

Also if you actually pay for the pretzel instead of saying " oh ill just come back" hoping they not only roll it but also save it for you they'll get started on your pretzel as soon as they can and they will also save it for. If you dont pay and even if they do make the food you wanted it becomes a first come first served situation. Also if you pay for it aka order it you wont have to wait in line they will call your name when its done and just hand it to you. The person at the register probably said they couldn't help it sense they aren't in charge or physically making them (there at the register).

If the person at the register was on the phone im hoping and guessing it was a slow day sense you didn't comment they were all out of pretzels that time ( find it funny that it sounds like you didn't try buying pretzels that basically want what you cant have). Im sure the mess just went noticed or had just happened and hadn't got to it yet.

Nothing about what happened sounds rude or unreasonable , just sounds like some one who lacks patience . I do work there and I get a lot of people so used too fast food even when I have said " oh it will be done in a few seconds" they roll there eyes at me and go " ugh never mind!"


How is saying I cannot help it if someone bought the last pretzel rude, and tell the whole story, you were probably rude to begin with. Then again if you don't know the difference between a girl and an adult (I seriously doubt they hire children) it is no wonder you mistake being told no rude, why you must be like four years old.

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