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I visit the Westminster, MD mall location on Sunday 10/7 2:50-3pm (the mall closes at 5, so there is plenty of time before closing) with my 8 year old son. We decided to get a treat and ordered a large cinnamon nugget, 2 regular pretzel dogs, and a medium drink.

The girl at the register asked if I wanted the cheese dogs, i said no the regular. She went on to say that there weren't any, and I said that's okay, I can wait. She continued to ring me up, I had to ask her what the approx wait time was, she said 10 minsutes. I received my large cinnamon nugget and medium drink.

While waiting my son and I grab a table and begin to eat the nuggets and drink. We finished the drink, I proceeded to the counter and asked for a refill, she said that they dont do refills on medium drinks, I asked If i could pay for the refill, she cut me off and told me no-only refills on large drinks. I asked how much longer for the dogs, she said 5 more mins....So i threw my empty drink away and asked for a large drink, she then said well, you dont get free refills with that, in a very condescending tone- and in that split second I said never mind, please cancel my order, I've changed my mind. I was very upset in how this employee spoke with me, I even mentioned there should be something on the sign stating no refills/large refill cost x amount $.

I was so flustered that I walked away not realizing that I spent money on a product I did not receive. I went back and asked for the refund since I never receivedthe product. She immediately said "we aren't equipped for refunds" nothing else no further explanation. I stood there confused.

I stated I paid for a product that I did not receive, i would like i refund, i dont understand. You never gave me the food i paid for. She called over to her superior to step in, and I thought okay maybe he will explain something or say this female employee made a mistake. No, he spoke AT me with his back turnt looking over his shoulder.

Kept repeating what the girl had said "we aren't equipped for refinds" like a robot....emotionless expression, here I am even more confused. I stated again, i dont understand...I paid for a product I did not receive. The food did not cross the counter in my hands, I would like a refund. He repeated again, and added that they give something else away in replacement.

I said no. I dont want anything else, I just want my refund. He repeated again, and said he couldn't do it, I then asked well what Avenue do i have to take to get a refund. He didnt even answer me, and pulled out his phone and made a call.

After the phone call He told me to call the store back the next day to attempt to resolve this. The female said that the person on the phone was off tomorrow, he, I believe his name is jesse or something similar, he told me to call the number on the receipt on Tuesday to speak with "her" I said "her who?" He said the manager....I asked for the name. he gave me nick. Side note: during all of this, I was firm and direct in what I wanted (the refund) I didnt raise my voice, but I was very direct.

Meanwhile the body language of this jesse Maleworker, was aloof, frustrated. Hands in the air, he just wanted to get rid of me. Also, people in line were chiming in stating "cant you just give her cash from the drawer? And make an adjustment at the end of the night?" (Which is what I could have done when I worked in food service) jesse, the male employee then YELLED at the man in line saying "no we cant!

We aren't equipped to do this!"

I then looked at him in shock. and thanked him, I stated "I really appreciate being dismissed" and I walked away. I plan on visiting the store in person on Tuesday. I am ashamed of the customer service I received.

I visit auntie Anne's possibly once a month because my son loves it, however after this visit, I will never return again. Never. I later had to explain to my son that the way that I was spoken to was not okay, that no one should treat anyone this way. I myself work in customer service, and if any of my other co workers spoke that way to a client, it would be immediate dismissal or termination.

I am shocked and still confused about my experience here today. I would like a refund of my purchase today of 15.54 .

After that I will never return. This was a horrible experience.

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