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I went into the store yesterday after speaking with the manager in regards to a 120.00 charge that was placed on our card. The owner took care of it as well as Pam Harris who was very nice.

The refund was issued. He asked us to come home and write a review and we came home and wrote a good review. Today we wake up to 4 calls from the manager yelling at us because he stated we emailed another email to corporate complaining ( this never happened ) . I explained nothing else was sent except the good review that my fiance posted on google reviews, which we stated we would give.

The matter was done and over with, everything was fine until he started calling our cell phone complaining and yelling about this matter that never happened. We were nice enough to write a good review, and leave the matter be since it was taken care of and he had to escalate it to his harassing messages, yelling at me and rude conversation with me. ( this was at the South West Plaza mall location) you can throw my good review right out the window the matter was solved.

Now after the harassing calls today by the manager I am disgusted, and I will never eat there again. This is very unprofessional and is not appreciated at all.

Product or Service Mentioned: Auntie Annes Manager.

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This post is related to one of our costumer's negative experience at Auntie Anne's Pretzel store in Lilttleton. When one of our employee charged them $120 by mistake, It was returned and owner also completed service recovery.

When first comment was posted and received about extra charge,our management team responded immediately. After service recovery, our management received similar comment from Auntie Anne's customer service. It was miscommunication between Auntie Anne's customer service and an owner . We deeply apologize for any inconvenience our phone calls might have caused you.

Our intention was to clarify and not to cause any problems. It was simply a follow up call and during that call, owner was loud due to background noise from the store.

We are extremely sorry that It was perceived as rude. Again, we are extremely sorry about our mistake.We appreciate your business and wish you continue your visits to Auntie Anne's.