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I visited my local Auntie Anne Pretzel store in lakeforest mall in Gaithersburg, Md yesterday. I placed my order and when I received it the raisin pretzel was smudged and I requested to have a new one.

To my surprise the employee and cahier named EDWIN employee # 2013 was so rude and utterly disrespectful. He said and I quote "AM NOT CHANGING YOUR PRETZEL THERE IS NOTHING WRONG". After I demanded to speak to the manager who I later found out to be his mother he began mumbling profanity at me. It was quite a scene!!!!

I asked him what he was mumbling about and as a customer I have every right to have a fresh pretzel if am mot pleased. He started screaming and I quote" YOU *** RETARD...YOU *** ***... ". I then alerted security n filed a complaint.

I have never ever experienced such humiliation, disregard, and disrespectful behavior in all my years as a customer service career or any place else. EDWIN needs to be FIRED!!!!

And I will see to it that the company proceeds with disciplinary action. This was the worst experience ever!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Auntie Annes Pretzel.

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I hope the complain was that there were other ingredients on it you didn't order. But if it was because the raisin smudged while being prepared or while in the oven( some times it drips out) then I can see why they wouldn't give a new one.

It would have tasted the same so yeah nothing really wrong. But him cussing at you was wrong... Hope you didn't leave anything out like maybe what he really said was ' Im sorry but Im not changing your pretzel because there's nothing wrong".

He would be right they have no obligation to change it if the appearance is the only thing wrong. ( yes I work there)

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #766351

Your pretzel was smudged?....What does that even mean? It doesn't even matter, anyways.

JUST EAT IT! Who cares if it does not look absolutely perfect. Get over yourself. Eat it and shut up.

This isn't a legitimate complaint. Loser.

to RLB Markham, Ontario, Canada #801227

It means she is throwing a temper tantrum because they would not give her a free one. Since this child touched the pretzel they obviously cannot take it back, so she was hoping to get the second free by claiming such silly things.

to Anonymous Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #953120

I assume she means the pretzel was smudged with toppings that belong to a differently flavored pretzel.

Restaurants, including Auntie Anne's, can most certainly take back unsatisfactory food. They simply can't give that food to other customers or return it to the kitchen.

Employees of Auntie Anne's who express their hilariously misguided and downright nasty feelings here, do you genuinely believe that you've succeeded in disguising yourselves? You're embarrassing yourselves thoroughly, and not many people are willing to do that for a mediocre vendor of snacks.

However, your best intentions for your employer have had the worst effects. Your company's reputation suffers more than you do.

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